Welcome to Ricky and Bobby LANDMAN'S Page

This is a picture of the Landman Family in the 1990's, including Ricky, Bobby and his wife Bonnie and kids (Jaimee, Dara and Michael) and our parents and grandmother. You should be able to figure out who is who.

Bobby is a doctor and I am a lawyer... Go figure, we didn't have much of a choice of occupations coming from our family. As you can see, Bobby has 3 children and I am single. He lives in California and I'm still leaving in New York City.

Bobby started going to TA-RI-GO in the late 1950's, while I started in 1961. I think our last year was around 1967. I know that he was the general of his color war team. I was on the other team. My luck - we won and he lost. That was my first time winning. Every other year I was on the losing team.

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