I went up to TA-RI-GO to visit in 1996. These are some of my pictures. Rick Landman

The grounds are now a condominium development called TA-RI-GO on TARIGO Road.

The beautiful lake is still there, but the island has connected to the shore and the dock is gone. Do you remember burning the "T" on the island on the last night of camp? Can you imagine doing that today?

The boys' camp ground as they are today. The Rec Hall can barely be seen in the rear to your right. I am standing near where the flagpole used to be looking downhill towards the Head Counselor Bunk and Rec Hall. As you can see, a new main road goes write through the middle of our old circle and houses like the white one are scattered around the site.
The Recreation Hall or Rec Hall (Wreck Hall) was the last building to be demolished. It was used as a construction storage site for the complex. I climbed in to find this mess.

You can still see the basketball hoops, etc. Most of the plaques were gone.

The tennis courts on the path up to the infirmary and rifle range are still there.
On the walk down the hill to town we would stop by GALES for a refill of candy.

We in town we would see a movie at the "Oneonta Theater". They were a bit newer than the flicks that they should us at evening activity in the Rec Hall.

On the way up the hill we knew to turn at the sign for "Little Red Kill Road".

basketballPhoto by Michael Bitterman, taken in August 2000 of the former basketball courts.

flagpolePhoto by Michael Bitterman, taken in August 2000 of the former main flagpole which used to be in the center of the campus. The Neg Nord Nud flagpole which was erected by Rick Landman in 1966 is gone.

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