The Pioneers from 1962.

The names were remembered by Gary Kreisberg.

top row--starting third from left that is Steve Kurland (played piano, went to Dartmouth), to his right is Marty Weinstein (U of Penn), on his right is Bruce Sodolnik (SP)(Rensaeler Tech), to his right Jerry Korn to his right first name was Lenny

2nd row from top--starting on left Jake Hurwitz, Alan Brickman, Lance Meyers, don't know, Peter Feldman, Richie Haass, Steve (Satch) Sanders, Howie Litwack, Steven Budabin, Abby Lafer, Steven Benn, Steven Greenberg, Richard Jacobson

3rd row from top starting on left--Corky Worms, Joel Baum, Mitchell Friedman, Eddie Lent, Milton Blaut, Harry Brod, Richard Eisenberg, Dave Wadro, don't know, Micheal Ipp

4th row campers left to right--Artie Ringler, Jeff Hamburger, don't know, Michael Storcheim

5th row left to right--David Sturtz, Ricky Landman, Joel Hudesman, Stuart Schepps, Gary Kreisberg, Robert Choderker, Joel Botwick, Mel Lorch, Michael Berwald, Michael Tepper

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