The Kaydets from 1951.

This photo was sent in by Barry Blau.
Front row:
1st from left Perry Kozlow
5th from left Joel Ross
left of Uncle Pacy was head counselor Uncle Irv Irwin
The man with no shirt was the swim instuctor Irving Kintisch. He also was the gym instructor at my junior H.S. in manhattan.
3rd from right side Roy Gruenberg (deceased)
1st from right side Jerry Gotlieb

Middle row:
1st from left Art Altholz (spelling?)
8th from right Joe Moreno
2nd from right Me, Barry Blau
1st from right Ronnie ZWEIBEL

Back row:
7th from left Counsellor Paul Horwitz
10th from left Counsellor Bob Needle
12th from left Counsellor Lefty Adel
3rd from right Steven Kempler

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